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April 25, 2006

Relandscaping the back yard sounded like a great idea last week when the weather was nice and cool. Unfortunately for me – the Florida summer decided to hit early and we’ve been experiencing temperatures in the 90’s this week! I’ve been working on a new “stoop” area outside the back porch door – I basically bought pavers and have been attempting to create a level area to step out onto before stepping onto the grass. This has turned out to be more difficult than imagined!
Those home improvement shows on HGTV and DIY Net make everything seem so easy! They are doing a disservice to the average Home Owner – like me. I’ve never done something like this before – and after watching them do it on TV – thought it would be a piece of cake! BUT NO! I’ve laid out the brick work twice now – and I still have a few wobbly ones that I figure I’ll fix in a week or so after the remaining underground has settled.
Now – I can put up with the hard work, the aching muscles and the sunburn (which I will write about in a sec) – but what I am having a great deal of trouble contending with are Horse Flies. I’m not sure where they came from – or why they selected me as a target – but I have about 100 – or so it seems – bites on the backs of my legs and shoulders. And let me tell you – those puppies itch!
Now – here’s something for you religious nuts out there – if your God is all loving and all knowing, and all compassionate. Why the hell did he invent the bug bite itch? It’s one thing that the bug had the nerve to bite you in the first place – wasn’t that punishment enough? But to make you itch for days and days afterwards? It’s like the bug said – Ha Ha – I bit you and now I’m going to make you suffer?! Shouldn’t it be the bug who starts to itch – as a punishment for biting you?! Where’s the justice in this?! I’m a peaceful person – and I wouldn’t think of harming a fly before now. But I tell you what – it’s war! Next fly I see buzzing around – he will be harmed!
On to the sunburn. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve gone out in the sun for an extended period. I value my life – don’t want to end up with skin cancer – or leather skin like half of the grannies walking around the Sunshine State. But today – half of me is red while the other half of me is stark white. So I have a dilemma on my hands. Do I go lay out in the sun (with the horse flies buzzing around) and even out the burn (and bites)? Or do I stay this half-red-half-white creature?
I have more landscaping to do – I have to lay out the flower bed stones, the weed block and fill the beds with some good soil. Then I have to start looking for the perfect plant to put into the beds. I’m seriously thinking about waiting to finish that portion of the project on a rainy day. Sure – I’ll get all wet and muddy – but THAT sounds 100 times better than the sun burnt bug bites. (seriously – I’m typing with one hand so I can scratch with the other – someone – HELP ME!)

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