Urban Bohemian Hermit is a personal blog.  It is a contradiction.  It’s reality based .. it’s fiction.  A story … of life.

I do my best writing in blog format.  I’m not going to even attempt to write a novel or pretend to be the type of writer who has the patience to sit down and write a book.  My thoughts are scattered at best.  I tend to write at the height of emotion when I talk about life.  And it takes deep thought for me to come up with my little stories.  When the mood strikes me I could be writing for days.  Then I might not write again for a week..  I would start at the beginning .. but really .. who knows when it all began?

I was crushed when my laptop crashed in January and I lost my Fairy Tale of Clara … so I’ll begin to piece together her story here for you all to read.  To be captured on the world wide web for all eternity.  There will be bits and pieces shared as I reshape who Clara was and what her world looked like.  So don’t expect the full story all at once.

I’ll come up with silly antics of Spot The Toad .. and his life in the animal world.  Spot is full of adventure, though somewhat pretentious in his outlook on life.

And I’ll write about life.  I might flash back to the darker days so you have an understanding of how things may have begun.

But it won’t all be about writing.  I have a mad passion for music that must have a space on my blog.  So I’ll rejuvenate Sounds of Sunday and share my favorite tunes with you once a week.  I’ll share some of my favorite artists here with you – please take time to really digest their work.  And hopefully there will be time for laughter!

Sit back, get cozy and look around.  See what you can you see.  And when you figure it out, tell me … did it all really happen?